Fix-ed is an Australian school led social enterprise giving people experiencing hardship a new lease on life.

We're serious about tackling community issues

Fix-ed will continue to expand with further projects that tackle pressing, local problems


"How might we enhance social connectedness for & With our elderly citizens?"


Students are engaged in improving social connectedness and wellbeing for and with the elderly in the community

As with other Fix-ed projects, students engage with the community (in this case elderly citizens) as part of the Human Centred Design process which sees them empathise and understand root problems. This is done through our collaborators such as RSL Care and Active Scooters, with external visits to the school and an excursion which sees students visit an aged care facility.

Resources such as broken mobility scooters provided by Active Scooters can be professionally repaired and customised by students and their target users to become part of the service/system concepts for students to implement in society. 

Concepts are developed with a strong focus on ensuring students understand and apply business modelling and enterprise skills which create viable and sustainable opportunities. Students gain confidence in pitching their ideas to the wider community.


"How might we tackle inequality amongst youth in the community whilst developing creativity & enterprise skills?"


Students are tackling inequality in the community and have dived into the hCD process to better understand some of the root causes.

Continuing to apply the HCD, Enterprise and Repair skills practiced in other projects, students are also focussing on tackling youth inequality in the community. As part of their responses, some students are looking at how bicycles and lawn mowers, may contribute to part of their service solution.


Projects are constantly evolving. Check back in soon!