Rowan Lamont Of Designworks Visits Fix-ed For Human Centred Design Workshop


The designer of the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton visited the Fix-ed program to run an engaging workshop on human centred design.

With students spending considerable time learning about how best to respond to community needs, (such as those of people experiencing mobility issues), it was great to have Rowan Lamont of Designworks in to help the students explore new methods of understanding, and designing for, people’s needs.

Rowan was part of the team which designed the Queen’s Baton, and has broad experience in designing a diverse range of products.

Students were guided through customer journey mapping and the broader design thinking process, which will help them with further research as the year progresses. This will enable them to remove assumptions, and respond to problems with more innovative, targeted and well-designed solutions.


Thanks for coming in Rowan!

Tom Allen