Students Visit RSL Care For Insightful Research Into Ageing


Fix-ed students had a highly enjoyable visit to RSL Care's Talbarra retirement community to meet some of the residents and gather primary research into ageing. Residents shared life stories and valuable insights into the challenges of living which will allow students to respond to community needs.

The group was met by Michelle and Louise, two of the Design Integration Leads at RSL Care. Michelle and Louise had planned an action-packed afternoon of visits to 12 of the residents. Students got into groups and were accompanied by Michelle, Louise, Tom, Mr Robinson and Mr Jordan, before setting off on their home visits.


During the visits, students had the opportunity to meet some of the friendly, generous residents and gain an insight into their daily lives, as well as their transition into living as a Senior. Students had a lot of questions and listened attentively to the residents as they shared their life experience and challenges with physical and mental health, mobility and retirement.

Over the coming classes, students will begin to unpack the information gathered as part of the inquiry process. The insights gathered will provide some strong foundations for the students to continue their work towards assisting members of the community.

What the students got from it:

"During the excursion at RSL Care, I had the pleasure of connecting with the older generation of our local community to further understand their way of life and the daily issues they face. It was not only enlightening, but has motivated me to engage with and help these people." - Kaitlyn

"This day out was a massive eye opener for me. I knew that the elderly encountered problems in their day to day life, but I didn't realise that so many 'everyday' activities which we find easy, were proving to be the hardest part of people's lives." - Dakota

"I enjoyed listening to Trish's stories and getting a snapshot into her everyday life." - Crystal

"The stories I heard were interesting and very eye-opening." - Cooper

"I really enjoyed the day and especially when we got to help out June with her walker at RSL Care." - Liam

Fix-ed students and staff would like to thank RSL Care and the residents for their time and will look forward to continuing the collaboration into the future.

Tom Allen