RSL Care Design Specialists Visit the Fix-ed students


Fix-ed students received a welcome visit from RSL Care Design Integration Leads, Chris Townsend and Lauren Ffrost today. Fix-ed is pleased to have RSL Care as a collaborator and their contribution to the program is much appreciated.

Chris and Lauren shared valuable advice and knowledge, ran some fun exercises and helped the class better understand:

- human centred design
- RSL Care's approach to aged care
- research about ageing
- research methods and advice in preparation for the class excursion


The excursion next week will see students visit RSL Care Talbarra in order to conduct primary research into ageing. By engaging with members of the retirement community, students will gain strong insights into the lives of elderly citizens which will help them identify problem areas they can tackle later in the design process. Having the assistance of Chris and Lauren means students are better prepared to make the most of their excursion.

A strong understanding of ageing is essential in order for the students to respond appropriately and provide products/services which improve the lives of the broader community. We're thankful to the RSL Care team for their great contribution and generosity.


Students were highly engaged and really appreciated being able to interact with Chris and Lauren. We'll look forward to welcoming them back in the future as the projects continue to develop.

Tom Allen