3 Great Resources To Help Understand Waste & The Circular Economy


There's no doubt that more attention has recently been given to the global waste problem. WIth Australians producing over 21m tonnes of waste each year (ABS), how can we gain a better understanding of this problem? Here are 3 resources to help you out!

War on waste

The ABC has recently released a three part series called War On Waste.

In the program, Craig Reucassel is on a mission to uncover how much waste we produce as a nation and learn what we can about it. Craig covers a variety of waste types and puts a spotlight on a number or issues causing the problem.

You can view the series on iView.


The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a fast-paced, fact-filled explanation of the consumerist economy. That 20-minute online movie, released in December 2007, has now been watched online more than 30 million times and in every country on Earth.

In 2008, Founder Annie Leonard created the non-profit Story of Stuff Project, to leverage the unexpected success of her movie. From 2009 to 2013, Annie and her team created 8 additional online movies, wrote and promoted a best-selling book and created learning and engagement opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of people attracted by its movies, podcasts and other media.


Circular Economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of accelerating the transition to the circular economy. Since its creation the charity has emerged as a global thought leader, establishing the circular economy on the agenda of decision makers across business, government and academia. You can check out their publications here, or teaching and learning resources here.

However, not everything points to the circular economy being the saving grace for our planet. Read more about Perma-Circularity here, and why it's been coined to describe a genuinely circular economy.

Know of any other great resources about waste? Please let us know!

Tom Allen