Tricare Aged Care Visit Gives Students Insights Into Living With Disability


Last week Fix-ed students visited Tricare aged care centre at Pimpama. Students were there to gain valuable insights into living life with a disability and spoke to a number or residents about their personal challenges and experiences.

The visit provided an eye-opening opportunity for students to empathise with residents and see life from a different perspective. Students heard stories about living with a range of both physical and mental challenges, including loss of the use of limbs and dementia.


Overall, the experience has provided students with a stronger understanding of ageing and students have already begun to pull together findings, creating personas and mapping customer journeys. After analysis, as students move forward, they will choose specific areas to focus on, with the aim of designing, hacking and repairing products/services in order to respond to identified needs and users.


Fix-ed students and staff would like to thank Tricare for the opportunity to visit the centre and to the kind people we spoke to receiving care.

Tom Allen