Connect-ed Student Project Connects Elderly Citizens With Youth To Share Skills & Build Community


A team from the Fix-ed program (Dakota and Jess) have created a new platform which aims to improve the social connectedness of elderly citizens. Connect-ed provides opportunities for elderly citizens and youth to share skills, connect and build community via an online platform and workshops.

As part of the human-centred design and entrepreneurship program, earlier in the year students completed primary and secondary research to help understand, identify and redefine problems elderly citizens were experiencing in the community. This saw visits to aged-care and retirement communities, where students spent time in conversation with elderly citizens, observing and interviewing them about key challenges they face on a daily basis.

One of the outcomes from this research was that many elderly citizens felt they lacked knowledge, skills and even access to space across a variety of areas and this was hindering them in a number of ways. These included skills such as digital literacy and hands-on workshop spaces for craft practices. 


In responding to the identified issues and needs of the community, the students built the platform for testing and we hope to see this idea progress further in 2018. 

Tom Allen