Creating purpose driven students that Understand Risk, Goals, Opportunities and success.


What does success mean for you? What drives you to wake up and go to work, school or your next appointment? What steps are you taking to reach your goals? When students make sense of their personal goals, are driven by purpose and are passionate about the task at hand, it would make sense that they're engaged and eager to learn, right?

At the beginning of Fix-ed, we reflected on what success means for us, as students, teachers and the community. This helped us to align goals, move forward with shared purpose and build enthusiasm around the project. A couple of the activities used some of the resources below.

Chris Hadfield's talk on Q&A is a great short video to show in class to help create discussion and get student's thinking about risk, success and passion. Students can use their notebooks to individually complete some sentences like 'Success for me is....' and 'Success for Fix-ed is...' As a class, you can then reflect on the different definitions and find the areas which the group shares.

Another great resource for discussion is Simon Sinek's Golden Circle. The video below explains more about 'starting with why' and the importance of defining your purpose before the 'hows' and 'whats'. In completing the Golden Circle as a class (with sticky notes), students can actively contribute and map out Fix-ed's 'why' before completing the 'how' and 'what' sections relevant for their local community.


Beyond Fix-ed, applying these activities to your class projects or at the beginning of each term with new student groups could help them to reflect on what they can bring to the class, as well as gather understanding about the small steps they need to complete to arrive to larger goals.

Good luck!

Tom Allen